Choosing the Correct Punch Tip Radius for Air Bending

Posted March 21, 2018 by Larry Boden

When we air bend sheet metal, the size of the die V-opening determines the inside radius of the bend. The metal forms to a natural radius based on the size of the die V-opening. The punch tip radius usually has little influence. Does this mean that one size punch tip radius will work well with […]

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2017 In Review

Posted December 20, 2017 by Mate Precision Tooling

Mate began 2017 by unveiling our new mission statement, which is the very essence of who we are: To personally respect, support and inspire sheet metal professionals around the world with high-quality precision tooling and services. We have worked to fulfill our mission daily in our interactions with you, our customer, through the products we […]

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Introducing American Precision Style Press Brake Tooling with Maglock™

Posted November 15, 2017 by John Galich

Mate is excited to announce the expansion of its press brake tooling line with the introduction of American Precision Style press brake tooling featuring the all new, groundbreaking Maglock™ Magnetic Safety System. Introduced at Fabtech 2017 in Chicago, Mate American Precision Style press brake tooling is standard with an industry first from Mate: the patent-pending […]

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Got Die Marks?

Posted May 17, 2017 by Larry Boden

Mate Nylon Die Inserts Can Take Care of That Many sheet metal part designers choose to use pre-finished sheet metal in an effort to eliminate post operations such as painting and polishing. One critical challenge to building parts with pre-finished material is bending the parts without causing die marks. The slightest marking from the die could […]

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SwingPunch™ Holders from Mate Precision Tooling

Posted February 22, 2017 by Larry Boden

A faster way to change press brake punches The best way to reduce press brake setup time is to look for ways to make setting up easier. Mate’s Swing™ punch holders do just that; reduce time by making setups easier and faster. European style punch holders have a lot of benefits, but they don’t offer […]

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Mate Precision Tooling in 2017

Posted January 24, 2017 by Mate Precision Tooling

In 2016 Mate celebrated the two year anniversary of the launch of our press brake tooling line. Our product line has grown since launch to include Wila Trumpf Style, European Precision Style, Bevel Tang Style, CleanBend, adaptors, extensions and other accessories. We created a dedicated press brake website and blog, and have been proud to […]

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Mate Press Brake Z Offset Tool Inserts Make Sense

Posted December 14, 2016 by Larry Boden

Mate’s Z offset tool system delivers unsurpassed versatility that withstands the test of high tonnage offset forming without breaking the bank. Our Z offset tool insert system gives you more cost effective choices with replaceable inserts that are securely held with holders that fit virtually any style of brake including Trumpf-Wila (TWS), European precision (EPS), […]

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Mate Press Brake Pillar Dies Have Some Advantages Worth Looking At

Posted September 1, 2016 by Larry Boden

When you have a part with features close to a bend, such as opposing bends, hardware, louvers, half-shears, or embosses, interference with the die can be a real problem. Mate’s pillar dies have maximum clearance front and back without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the tool giving your operators maximum flexibility in sequencing bends. It’s […]

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Mate Press Brake Radius Tool Insert/Holder System: More Cost Effective Choices

Posted June 22, 2016 by Larry Boden

When planning to form parts with large radius bends, selecting a punch radius size that will compensate for spring-back and achieve the correct results can be challenging and unpredictable. Having the right tool for the application can save time and reduce frustration without breaking the bank. During the design stage, test bending the actual material […]

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Saying Adios to FABTECH Mexico 2016

Posted May 24, 2016 by Mate Precision Tooling

A team of Mate sales engineers and application specialists recently returned from Mexico City, where they attended FABTECH Mexico 2016. With a growing manufacturing base and a strong sheet metal fabrication industry, we were excited to share our latest tooling solutions to the Mexican market and delve into the application challenges workers there are facing […]

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Mate Precision Tooling On the Road to FABTECH Mexico

Posted April 27, 2016 by John Galich

With FABTECH Mexico just a week away, team members from Mate are beginning to pack their bags and reach for their passports in anticipation for one of the most important tradeshows of the year. With the Mexican economy in excess of $1 trillion and growing thanks in large part to increased manufacturing activity, the need […]

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Spring Loaded Hemming Tools

Posted March 25, 2016 by Frank Baeumler

In our last press brake tooling post, we introduced you to our hemming tools with knurled edges that help create classic hem folds such as the flattened hem and the teardrop hem. This post explores another hemming tool option – Mate Spring Loaded Hemming Tools. How They Work Spring Loaded Hemming Tools from Mate feature […]

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Mate Press Brake Hemming Tools: Better Grip and Less Slip

Posted February 22, 2016 by Frank Baeumler

When most people hear the term “hemming” their thoughts turn to trousers and a tailor. For those of us in the world of sheet metal fabrication, we quickly think of the often uncomfortable task of folding the edge of sheet metal with a hemming tool to remove sharp corners or edges that can snag material […]

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ONE SOURCE. Your Best Source at FABTECH 2015

Posted October 27, 2015 by John Galich

In just a few weeks we’re heading to my hometown of Chicago for FABTECH 2015. Last year nearly 31,000 people attended the show in Atlanta, so McCormick Place should be electric as tens of thousands gather for this annual event showcasing the latest in sheet metal fabricating technology. If you’re attending FABTECH 2015, be sure […]

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Fold Sheet Metal Without Leaving Marks with CleanBend Press Brake Dies

Posted October 9, 2015 by Frank Baeumler

The types of bends and folds sheet metal fabricators are required to make are nearly limitless, which is why they can never have too many press brake dies at their disposal. It’s also why we’re constantly expanding our press brake product line. In fact, you may have seen our recent announcement about our new Mate […]

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Our Mate Press Brake Tooling Catalogs Are Updated for Summer of 2015

Posted July 8, 2015 by Frank Baeumler

In our last post we featured our addition of the 55mm high Wila Trumpf style press brake dies. But we’ve been especially busy and recently added several other new products and product line extensions. We have also completed a significant number of updates to the Mate press brake tooling catalogs which we think you will […]

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Mate Precision Tooling Adds 55 mm High Wila Trumpf Style Press Brake Dies

Posted May 27, 2015 by Frank Baeumler

Today we wanted to focus on a new addition to the Wila Trumpf style press brake tooling family – 55 mm high press brake dies. When we first launched our press brake tooling line last year we knew we would be adding additional product variations to the product family quickly. The 55 mm high dies […]

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After 2014 Press Brake Tooling Launch, What Have We Learned?

Posted March 19, 2015 by Mate Precision Tooling

It’s been several months since we announced the launch of our press brake tooling product family. This has given our customers and prospects a chance to become more familiar with our product offering and give us solid feedback on their initial impressions. With that in mind, we conducted a Q&A session with three of our […]

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Metal Forming Trends to Watch for in 2015

Posted February 3, 2015 by Frank Baeumler

Mate is a little more than six months into the launch of our press brake tooling line and I’m pleased to say that customers have greeted us with excitement. We knew that entering the press brake tooling market would add a significant dimension to our punch press tooling and laser consumables businesses, which customers have […]

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What You Missed If You Missed FABTECH

Posted December 12, 2014 by John Galich

A few weeks back approximately 10 of my colleagues and I traveled to Atlanta for FABTECH to spotlight our complete line of sheet metal fabrication solutions and see what’s trending in the world of metal forming. We wanted to share our experience with readers who weren’t able to make it to Atlanta this year. As […]

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3 Tips to Consider When Buying Press Brake Tooling

Posted September 26, 2014 by John Galich

Last month we launched our new line of European Precision Style and Wila Trumpf Style press brake tooling. Choosing a new supplier of press brake tooling can create new questions, so we spoke with Steve Benson, a highly-regarded press brake tooling expert and President of Asma LLC about common tooling questions. His overarching piece of […]

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Mate Now Offers Press Brake Tooling

Posted July 29, 2014 by Mate Precision Tooling

We have big news at Mate! This week signals the launch of our new line of European Precision Style and Wila Trumpf Style press brake tooling, which is now available for immediate delivery throughout North America. This is exciting news for all of us at Mate and especially our customers. Many have told us they […]

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